Sunday, 24 June 2012

Oshin - DIIV

Stream the great album 'Oshin' from Brooklyn's DIIV, formerly known simply as Dive, which will be officially out on June 26th on Captured Tracks (probably one of my favourite labels currently, with artists such as Wild Nothing, Craft Spells, Blouse, Soft Moon and many more on board) on cd and lp (you can pre-order it here). After DIIV's first release, the Sometime 7" (Sometime + Corvalis) released in October 2011, there was no doubt that this band will be something great and I guess it's nothing surprising with Beach Fossils guitarist Cole Smith as a four-piece group's frontman. I really recommend to lay down, close your eyes, relax and thoroughly drown in the sounds of DIIV's dreamy shoegaze with a hint of pessimism.


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