Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Birds Of Paradise - Sex Noises

Sex Noises are a four-piece from Australia's capital who released their 7" 'Birds of Paradise' this new years day on Cinnamon Records. A nice dose of hardcore influenced punk makes me nostalgic about Bikini Kill and early Pixies and wanting to see them live asap. Sadly, at the moment all their shows take place on the opposite side of the planet. The vocals are energetic, (mostly) female and aggressive at times, however, 'Visions of Darkness' adds some humming and more delicate singing to the mix. Even though the choice is hard, I might risk saying the last track, 'Grim Reefer' is my favourite of Sex Noises' songs so far, purely because of it's Sonic Youth vibes. 'Birds of Paradise' is free to stream on Cinnamon Records bandcamp, where you can also buy the digital and vinyl version, with cover artwork by the singer/guitarist, Anja Loughhead. If discovering this band was as exciting for you as it was for me, you should also listen to and name your price for their first album 'Clovers' and check out other things released on Cinnamon Records.

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