Saturday, 16 June 2012

Shadow - Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing became one of my 2011 favourites and although i don't listen to so much of it anymore (well, i still do, but not to such an extreme!) i couldn't be more excited for the announcement of the new release! This is the new track from Jack Tatum's project's upcoming album 'Nocturne' out on August 28th and also on limited edition of 7" soon on Captured Tracks. 'Shadow' can't be compared to 'Golden Haze' or some tracks from 'Gemini', however, it's still a really good song and the anticipation for the album makes up for everything. Immediately after hearing this I checked out Wild Nothing's shows and was quite disappointed to discovered that he's touring only US this summer. Hopefully coming to UK in November as the support for The Walkman (come on! no need to support...).

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