Thursday, 21 November 2013

string - Human Hands

Human Hands are a Straford-Upon-Avon via Iceland based band (see facebook page description), however they tend to say they are from Birmingham to make things easier. They are an emo/punk band that really know how to get that feel of good old-school emo like that of Cap'n Jazz or maybe more recently on the midwest scene, Merchant Ships. At the start of the month they shared a song from their new upcoming LP being released on strictly no capital letters, Time as a Colour and Cross Your Heart and Hope to D.I.Y. Their latest song still has that fantastic cap'n jazz feel to it yet it seems much more melodic than their earlier stuff, you can almost relate it to that of the lulling guitars used in American Football. We are highly anticipating the rest of the LP which should be released at the end of this month so keep an eye on their bandcamp page where you can check out and download all their previous releases for free. Bassist and Singer (Chaz) also runs his own record label which is definitely worth a visit, which you can do here.

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