Friday, 15 November 2013

Where Do You Want - Brilliant Beast

Brilliant Beast are a Minneapolis based band 'led by sibling dual-vocalists Hannah (vocals, guitar, violin) and Jordan Porter (vocals, guitar) and anchored by the breakneck rhythm section of Mark Kartarik (bass) and Eric Whalen (drums)'. They released their album 'Where Do You Want' a few days ago on my favourite Guilt Ridden Pop (thanks for all the fantastic submissions guys!). There are some shoegazey bits with a lot of fuzzy guitars, overall it's fairly easy listening with clear power-pop influences. Definitely worth giving them a listen, the catchy melodies will get stuck in your head so I expect that re-listening will be necessary. I probably already listened to my favourite track, 'Dead Man', a bit too much. You can stream and order the album on bandcamp .

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